API Key Required

Check Authentication for more details


Each category has a unique id which can be used to filter a Search.

e.g. for only Dogs at the beach you’d request https://api.thedogapi.com/v1/images/search?category_ids=1

Checkout the /categories API Reference in the left panel for more info

Bonus You can use more than one category id by using a comma to separate them for a mix of results

Example - Filter by Category
  1. It populates the Select Dropdown with https://api.thedogapi.com/v1/categories
  2. Requests a new Image with https://api.thedogapi.com/images/search?category_ids={{selected_category.id}} when you change Category
  3. This then shows Image for that Category in descending order
  4. You can paginate or re-order the Search results.

Category object which can be used to filter Images.